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Virtual brainstorming for creative collaboration. 实时在线头脑风暴工具。

Sparkl creates a real-time online space for small-sized teams to brainstorm together from anywhere in the world. It enables teams to explore, discuss, organize, share, and build on each other’s ideas. In the end of a brainstorming session, Sparkl uncovers the insights of everyone’s behavior with an interactive summary.



Sparkl是Ivy非常引以自豪的一个项目,她从寻找需求、确定方向、设计Logo、原型设计、用户测试、视觉设计都和工程师Scott Cheng紧密合作,全程只有2个人。



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Nowadays, innovative ideas and creative solutions are in huge demand in all industries. Millions of dollars have been invested in the process of pursuing innovation, such as building creativity center, hiring design consultant, and getting professional training. People need different perspectives and fresh ideas to add creative energy into their works to become more competitive. In fact, innovation is not about creating something completely new, but more about how to solve the same problem with a new approach, which is more interesting, efficient, and effective. So how can we find the new approach? The inspirations of the new approach come from the observation of daily life, the understandings from different industries, and especially the mindsets that are open to all kinds of possibilities. We try to foster that mindset, and we aim to empower creative thinking for both individuals and teams. 

Sparkl is a real-time web/mobile application that dedicates to help users collect inspirations, develop ideas with structured brainstorming sessions, and foster effective team communication and collaboration by leveraging every team member’s wisdom and experiences. Sparkl is designed with learning elements that can help users potentially develop their creativity by learning different thinking styles, such as divergent thinking, convergent thinking and reframing the problem. Meanwhile, Sparkl can facilitate teams who are collaborating across distance to achieve better brainstorming results. Sparkl is an effective tool for innovative thinkers.


Brainstorm on Sparkl with anyone from anywhere. Just start an ideation session with a simple click. No more fear of collaborating across distance. No more limit of whiteboard. Enjoy the freedom of body and mind.


Create friendly and safe space for everyone's voice. No more dominant voice. Like, build on, and comment on each other's idea to spark group wisdom. Create interactive collaboration experience, and get ideas flow.


Curated ideation techniques help you get "unstuck." Sharpen your mind to get ready for future challenge. Learn, practice, and apply creative approaches in your life. Enjoy the beauty of thinking out of the box.